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We firmly believe that a community such as DMs Guild needs reviews to work. Since we hope to get reviews ourselves, we feel the need to write some. Tastes a very different and these reviews try to account for that. This is a top level summary, more details can be found in the review section of the corresponding product. I do not get any money for these reviews or for you clicking these links.

Beer and Prezel Adventures
This section gives very short reviews of adventures by Hobbyist publishers which I consider to be good beer and prezel stuff. No need for evolved characters or using that damn old brain. Still, with this level of expectation, you will leave the table satisfied. And there is nothing wrong with that. Period.

  • Tempel of the Spider: A linear story with really nice and flavorful descriptions. Do not expect too many meaningful choices, though. Buy here.
  • The Forbidden Book - Caverns of Kehill: Basically a dungeon crawl but with interesting settings - definitely room for a DM who wants to plug his or her own little subplots. Buy here. (Disclaimer: Darth was involved in some of the map art but we do not get any revenue from this product.)

Do It Yourself
This category looks at campaign/adventure material which is not complete but takes some load off the DM.

  • The Everlasting Order: Behind this awesome name hides an order of undead. The document contains a handful of stat blocks for the bosses of this group as well some background on the group as a whole. I think this would work well as a basis for an undead themed campaign but be aware that a lot of additional material is still needed for this to work. I really liked the cover and the feeling the descriptions convey. Buy here.
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