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Savage Worlds Adventurers' Guild

This section contains reviews of Savage Worlds publications from smaller third-party publishers with (hopefully) a focus on the Adventurers' Guild. All of them can be found on DriveThru RPG.I think these publications deserve a closer looks and I am willing to shell out the bucks to do so.

Note that I describe my personal impression about these and that I only write about the ones that I like. I I did not write abuot it, though, this does not mean that I did not like it. I do not buy a lot of stuff and I have even less time to review. I should also note that I have my own stuff on SWAG and DriveThru in general and that this is in no way intended to bash the competition. I fact, I see these people not as competitors but as people who share the same passion as I do.
Trailer Park Shark Attack
This adventure or rather adventure toolbox is right down my alley. You are randomly assigned a denizen of a trailer park that is all of a sudden flooded and suffers from shark attacks. As your unlikely heroes try to survive the catastrophe they become involved in one of three plots of high weirdness clearly inspired by B-movie plots.
The adventure is really funny and the characters you get assigned are a blast. They are weird but also quite cool - underdogs fighting in a highly unusual situation. I really like that there are several plot elements you can combine to get many different stories. Definitely something to play several times and not just once. The design is really thematic and the maps as well as map elements you get are already worth a large part of the money. I personally prefer stylized hand-drawn maps but the rendered map elements you get here are done really well.
During play I found that the characters played out really well. One thing that I did not like was that some of the story elements felt a bit disconnected. Some guys show up, cause trouble and then disappear. While the text suggests you should combine elements, this is not really supported much as written.
Overall, I feel I got my money's worth and I will definitely play this again to experience the other story elements and to see more of the weird characters. I think the characters could also be reused quite well for other adventures, like zombie outbreaks etc.

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