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Impiltur Campaign

Our D&D Impiltur campaign focuses on the threat of the Aboleth in the Sea of Fallen Stars as well as the various demon cults that plague the country. The campaign consists of the following products so far:

Tower by the Sea of Fallen Stars
After the changes of the Spellplague, aboleths and their servants  assail the coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Yet there are those who  would defend the land-dwellers against the ancient aberrations. One of these men is Lord Faden. But his tower is in decline and many fear that  it will soon fall to the enemy. Unable to prevent this catastrophe, the  members of the Grand Council of Impiltur send a group of young heroes to  retrieve a magical artifact from within the tower which should not fall  into the hands of the enemy. However, Lord Faden is less than happy to  part with this powerful item. "Tower by the Sea of Fallen Stars" is an adventure for 3-5 players of level 2. It will give you 4 to 5 hours  of fun that can be tailored to the backgrounds of the PCs and allows a  wide degree of freedom and decisions while still providing a stringent  plot. The PDF includes battlemaps covering the complete underground section of the tower. There is also a side-view map of the tower both above and under ground. Available here. Now a copper seller!

The Missing Idol
Can the heroes discover the terrible truth behind the stolen idol of Torm? Impiltur is a nation besieged by demon cults as well as aquatic  raiders from the Sea of Fallen Stars in the service of the Aboleth  Souvereignty. Besides the members of the High Council, it is the many  priests and clerics of the numerous temples that help to keep the threat  at bay. Now, the aberrations of the sea have come up with a new plan to  weaken the human defenders – send a raiding party deep into enemy  territory and kill as many divine spellcasters as possible!
Riding a giant flood wave, the marauders have crushed an important  temple of Torm and now an important religious idol as well as the  daughter of the high priest are missing. However, not all is as it seems  in a country of multiple conspiracies and threats and it is up to be  player characters to prevent a further escalation of the situation. This adventure for 3-6 characters of level 9 can be played stand-alone or in lose connection with the adventure Tower by the Sea of Fallen Stars, which is pay what you want.  Investigate adventure with an unsuspected twist! Sandbox-like design but with safety ropes to avoid the party getting lost! Gorgeous maps by Darth Asparagus! Available here.

Map of South-West Impiltur
A map of the region where Impiltur Campaign takes place. Only 50 Cents - that is less than a cent per pixel! Available here.
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